More Conservafool Disrespect Of The POTUS

Yeah, I’m waiting to see what the latest excuses are going to be from all the wingers about this incident with Arizona’s Jan Brewer (R) disrespecting President Obama by sticking her finger in his face.

She’s lucky there’s an election in November.  The POTUS  knows the GOP with their ‘Great White Hope’ strategy is desperately trying to do anything to trigger him and create any incident or scandal they can exploit all the way to November 6. 

As for her weak azz excuse trying to justify it?    He’s ‘thin skinned’?   Seriously?  Seems like to only thin skinned person on the tarmac yesterday was Janice Kay Brewer. .

African-American voters are really tired of right-wing racist disrespect of this president.   We know this president has been subjected to unprecedented levels of disrespect from the left and right in addition to death threats and at least two attempted assassinations already going back to the when he became the Democratic nominee for president.  

We plan on getting even by sticking our fingers in the face of the GOP this November.   It’ll be the extended middle one, right after we do our part in casting enough votes to get him reelected to office and give him a Congress he can work with at the same time.

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