More 2015 Birthday Musings

One promise I made to several of my CAL co-workers and a few women when I had those early conversations with in the wake of my
transition at IAH was that I wanted to be seen as a complement to Black
women and Black womanhood and not a detriment to it.

Don’t know if they were aware of it, but I admired and was watching how they effortlessly role modeled the different types of women they were, and I was taking mental notes. 

I was
painfully aware in that spring of 1994 there were very few out Black transfeminine role
models, and it was going to fall on me to be that person in my
influence circles.

I’ve been told a few times since then they and the other cis women I made that promise to are very proud of me, and y’all don’t know how much that means to me.

I’ve also heard the same commentary inside the community from Black lesbian identified women, my trans sisters and Black cis feminine allies to our community

Since it is my 53rd birthday and the 21st I’ve celebrated since my body finally caught up to being the person I always knew I was, it’s been an amazing journey that I still marvel at.I have this life that I’ve bounced across this country to discuss trans issues from an African-American perspective, and one day after I get my passport, it is my fondest wish to be able to do that in various nations around the globe.

Is there room for improvement?   Yep, because I believe that a transition is an ongoing evolutionary journey that doesn’t end until you pass away from this plane of existence.

I’m also continuing to strive to be come that quality Black woman I’ve talked about on this blog a few times.  Still doing the work to evolve,continue to live up to that promise and
exceed it, but so proud and happy there are more amazing examples of
Black trans women doing some amazing things and looking fab doing it.

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