Moni’s Raising Hell At City Hall Again

As you read this, I’m awaiting my turn to speak during this Houston city council comment session.

It will be the first time I’ve spoken to Houston City Council since our new Mayor Sylvester Turner took office along with new council members Karla Cisneros, Amanda Edwards, Steve Le, Greg Travis and Mike Knox.

The reason I’m there is to support folks in our community pissed off about problematic transphobic comments made by Position 1 at large Councilmember Knox and the Islamophobic comments of his chief of staff Trebor Gordon.

He showed up with the haters at a May 2 Target protest, and helped spread anti-HERO and anti-trans talking points.

So that we can handle our business without right wing idiocy interfering with our reads, I was asked along with the Houston LGBT community to keep this organized effort a secret until the 2 PM CDT start time of the council comment session meeting.

No CM Knox, it isn’t about my sexuality when I or any trans woman in the Houston area and beyond goes to the bathroom, it’s about me pooping and peeing, and washing my hands when I’m done.

And Houston trans people are tired of you conservative Republicans demonizing our humanity.

Yep, and since I’ve been in a combative mood since Sunday over the Pulse mass shooting, am looking forward to calling out some inside the Houston city limit transphobia and Islamophobia along with other community members scheduled to attend.

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