Moni’s On Queer Voices Tonight

Another day, another interview for yours truly in the wake of this HERO loss.

Been invited to come back to a familiar place for me, the broadcast studios of our local Pacifica radio affiliate KPFT-FM.

I was invited to be a guest on Queer Voices tonight at 8 PM CST for an interview to talk about the HERO campaign, local issues post-HERO and whatever other subjects we can fit in in the short time allotted for this segment.

Dee Dee Watters is also on this show to talk about the Wednesday TDOR event she’s hosting.

They do live stream the show, and it will start at 8 PM CST for those of you not in the Houston area but would like to hear it.   For those of you in the 100,000 watt broadcast radius of  KPFT-FM, may wish to tune your local FM dial to 90.1 to hear it.

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