Moni’s On ‘Queer Voices’ Again Tonight

Didn’t have to wait as long for another invite to appear as a guest on Queer Voices this time.

For those of you in the Houston area or within the over the air broadcast range of KPFT-FM 90.1, our local Pacifica network station, yours truly will be back in the Montrose area studios of the station as a guest on tonight’s Queer Voices broadcast at 8 PM CDT.

It’s to talk about last week’s murder of Shante Thompson and Willie Davis and hopefully other issues affecting the trans community in the time we have allotted for that segment, but we’ll see how that transpires starting at approximately  8:35 PM.

They do livestream the show for those of you who would like to hear it, and you can go to this link to do so.

Hope y’all check it out.

TransGriot Update: My appearance on Queer Voices also depends on whether I can get to the station because of the widespread local flooding.  

It will happen.  Will call in for tonight’s show.


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