Moni’s In The Middle Of OUT On The Hill 2015

Well people, if my Southwest flight landed on time at 11:25 AM EDT, I should be clear of DCA’s baggage claim picking up my luggage and inside I-495 getting ready to head to the Beacon Hotel for that roundtable discussion that starts at 3:30 PM.

And yeah, y’all know I took the opportunity to get some sleep on that flight since I got up before sunrise, and Madame Night Owl is usually not fully functioning until 10 AM CDT.

But have to suck it upm rep H-town and handle my business on behalf of the community..

Image result for NBJC OUT on the HillIn addition to being off the charts excited about being in our nation’s capital again for this 2015 edition of OUT on the Hill,  I’m also looking forward to spending some quality time with Joanna Cifredo, my Latina sister who is the creative genius at the Fire Breathing T-Girl blog.

And yes, looking forward to seeing ‘errbody’ else I know inside the beltway who manages to get to see me between now and my Sunday morning departure from DCA.

Something else that is going to happen is that free Slurpee I earned in Dallas is going to be destroyed.

I’m also arriving in Washington DC at a time when the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference is about to jump off at the massive Walter Washington Convention Center.  That’s another opportunity to connect with peeps in my community and have them recognize that #BlackTransLivesMatter.

Back to the #OOTH 2015 business at hand.

You peeps in the DC area still havetime to registerand check out the happenings at OUT on the Hill and hang out with some amazing Black LGBTQ/SGL leaders and some award winning Texas based blogger nobody reads.  

And looking forward to telling y’all what’s happening over the next few days.

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