Moni’s in the #LGBT16 Media Journalists Convening House!

After getting up at 5 AM Houston time to start a several hour travel day, I’ve finally arrived in the eastern time zone and Charm City, AKA Baltimore for the 7th annual LGBT Media Journalists Convening.

It wasn’t a non-stop darn it, so I had to go through Pittsburgh before I got here, but as long as I got the frequent flyer miles for it and arrived here in one piece with all my luggage, than everything is okay.

At the moment I’m attending the opening #LGBTMedia16 reception, and the keynote speech is going on the American Visionary Arts Museum as you peruse this post.

They usually keep the keynoter a surprise, and last year it was the Rev. Dr William Barber II.   Should be interesting to discover who it is this year.

The main business day is tomorrow, and after we get back from the reception, I’m hanging out for a little while and then taking my behind to bed because I will have a long day tomorrow.

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