Moni’s Getting On The Bus-To Austin Again!

Another month, another trip, and I’m headed back to the ATX, but not for lobbying purposes.  Now if something blows up while I’m in the Austin city limits, I won’t be too far away from the capitol building to handle lobbying business if I get the phone call.

I’m heading there because I was asked to be the keynote speaker for UT’s Lavender Graduation.

It’s happening May 20, and is co-hosted by the Gender and Sexuality Centerand
the UT Queer Students Alliance (QSA).  The goal of the Lavender Graduation is to provide a venue
to demonstrate the success of our community members in a personal,
entertaining and celebratory way.The Lavender
Graduation will take place at the Student Activity Center starting at 4
PM CDT on the UT-Austin campus at Speedway and 21st Streets.  

Hope to
see you there!.

But first, my Megabus needs to get me to Austin, and in addition to hoping we leave on  time at 1:30 PM, hope the wifi is working.   We’ll see if I can access TransGriot since it was blocked the last time I traveled on Megabus, and I was not a happy camper about that.  

See y’all in a few hours, ATX and UT-Austin..

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