Moni’s At Chautauqua

After my flight from Hobby through Baltimore to Buffalo and my ride down I-90 through western New York wine country and the Seneca Nation to Chautauqua, I’ve been since yesterday afternoon chilling in my nice digs here on this picturesque campus that since 1874 has been dedicated to ongoing education and learning.

Only glitch I had was my 737-500 on the HOU-BWI leg had no wifi..

Just great.  The 3 hour flight leg has no wifi, but the short hop from BWI-BUF did.   Go figure the logic in that one.  Oh well, still getting my frequent flyer miles for it.

I’m in the Hagen-Wensley House, just across the street from the Athenaeum Hotel and down the hill from the open air auditorium when Janet Mock and I will be the featured talk tomorrow.  It’s the place where performers and speakers stay then they are on the 750 acre Chautauqua Institute campus next to the lake bearing the same name.

Speaking of Janet, she’s on her way here, and I’m looking forward to being in the same space with her for the first time in several years..

Chautauqua Institute is a place for ongoing education and learning about not only the current issues of the day, but subjects that include science, technology and the arts.

That point was driven home when I got a chance last night to have dinner on the Athenaeum’s patio overlooking Lake Chautauqua with today’s featured speaker in Dr. Randy Schekman, a Nobel prize winning molecular and cellular biologist

The conversation was even better than the meal, which was quite tasty

One of the subjects that Chautauqua Institution wishes to discuss and learn more about is trans issues, which is why Janet and I are here.

The Hagen-Wensley House has the feel of home, and I’m on the third floor of it.  I along with the other guests have snacks, drinks and munchies we can nibble on until we get our breakfast, lunch and dinner, and there’s other spots in the town square just a short walk away

I said walk because you get around by walking or biking here, and there’s not much vehicle traffic on the streets except for the Chautauqua Institution vehicles, carts and scooters.   Hey, not complaining because I am getting my exercise.

Got up early to do a 9 AM EDT radio interview this morning on WJTN-AM about the upcoming chat with Janet, and may do another one before I leave for Houston.   It has been nice chatting with Rachel, our hostess here at Hagen-Wesley House, the staff and getting to meet various members of the Chautauqua education department who are sponsoring this event.

Well, later peeps.  Need to take a walk along this lakefront and enjoy the cooler summer temperatures in comparison to the triple digit heat I left back in Houston Tuesday,.

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