Moni’s 2016 NCAA Women’s B-Ball Bracket

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While I didn’t have time to do my men’s bracket in 2015, I definitely had a chance to do one for the women’s tournament.  I started as part of Women’s History Month compiling it in 2008 , and I have continued that tradition every year since.  

Since I just mentioned it, here are my 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 ,2014 and 2015 women’s

My record in picking the eventual women’s NCAA champion is slightly better at 5-3, and I’ve also correctly picked all four women’s NCAA  Final Four teams in 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2015.  Also nailed last year’s NCAA women’s title game.

But it’s a year later.  Can I get it right again and select the four teams that will be playing for NCAA women’s basketball supremacy on April and 5?   Will UConn continue their dominance of the NCAA women’s basketball ranks and their 69 game winning streak? Will they make NCAA history and become the first women’s team to win a fourth straight title or will there be an upset for the ages?..

We’re about to find out.

Bridgeport Regional

First Round

Connecticut, Seton Hall, Mississippi State, Michigan State, South Florida, UCLA, BYU, Texas

Second Round

Connecticut, Mississippi State, UCLA, Texas

Sweet 16

Connecticut, UCLA

Bridgeport Regional Champ


Dallas Regional

First Round

Baylor, St John’s, Florida State, DePaul, Louisville, Oklahoma State, Oregon State

Second Round

Baylor, Texas A&M, Louisville, Oregon St.

Sweet 16

Baylor, Oregon St.

Dallas Regional Champ


Lexington Regional

First Round

Notre Dame, Georgia , Miami, Stanford, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Washington, Maryland

Second round

Notre Dame, Stanford, Kentucky, Maryland

Sweet 16

Notre Dame, Maryland

Lexington Regional Champ

Notre Dame

Sioux Falls Regional

First Round

South Carolina, Kansas State, Florida, Syracuse, West Virginia, Ohio State, Tennessee, Arizona State

Second Round

South Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Arizona State

Sweet 16

South Carolina, West Virginia

Sioux Falls Champ
South Carolina

Final Four

Connecticut, Baylor, Notre Dame,.South Carolina

Championship Game

Connecticut, Notre Dame

2016 NCAA Women’s Champ


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