Moni’s 2012 NCAA Men’s B-Ball Bracket

It was fun watching the NCAA Final Four transpire in my beloved hometown last year, and FYI, the 2016 NCAA Men’s Final Four will be back at Reliant Stadium.  

But like ‘errbody’ else’s NCAA March Madness brackets last season, thanks to all the upsets my 2011 brackets were a convoluted mess by the time the last four teams arrived in Houston   VCU upset my championship pick Kansas, who was knocked out by eventual runner up Butler in the national semifinal game. 

I’ve had better years since I started posting my NCAA men’s tournament brackets on the blog in 2007.  Here are my picks for 2008, 2009 and 2010 on the men’s side   

So for the fifth straight year, it’s time for me to post my NCAA b-ball brackets on the men’s tourney side.  With the First Four games of the 2012 tournament tipping off in a few hours, I will attempt to redeem myself for last year’s disastrous showing and see if I can not only pick the eventual NCAA champion, but see if I can accurately pick which four teams will end up in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  

So let’s get busy.  

First Four Games

Western Kentucky, Lamar, Iona, California

East Regional

Second Round

Syracuse, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Florida State, Gonzaga, Ohio State

Third Round

Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Ohio State,

Elite Eight

Syracuse, Ohio State

East Region Champion


South Regional

Second Round

Kentucky, Connecticut, Virginia Commonwealth, Indiana, Colorado, Baylor, Notre Dame, Duke

Third Round

Kentucky, Indiana, Baylor, Duke

Elite Eight

Kentucky, Duke

South Region Champion


Midwest Regional

Second Round

North Carolina, Creighton, Temple, Michigan, North Carolina State, Georgetown, Saint Mary’s, Kansas

Third Round

North Carolina, Michigan, Georgetown, Kansas

Elite Eight

North Carolina, Kansas

Midwest Region Champion

North Carolina

West Regional

Second Round

Michigan State, Memphis, New Mexico, Louisville, Murray State, Marquette, Virginia,. Missouri

Third Round

Michigan State, Louisville, Murray State, Missouri

Elite Eight

Michigan State, Missouri

West Regional Champions


Final Four Teams

Syracuse, Kentucky, North Carolina, Missouri

Championship Game

North Carolina, Kentucky

2012 NCAA Champion


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