Moni Needs A Helping Hand, Peeps

I was hoping my problem would be resolved before I had to take the step of asking for help, but this is where I am right now.

As you longtime readers know some of the panel discussions and speeches I do are paid events so Moni can pay her bills and have a little money in her purse to live her life.  

And if you want to support Moni and hear talk about trans history, transition from a Black perspective and current events in the community, she’s available to be booked to speak at your events.

Now, why I’m writing this post.

My lease is up in my apartment and I have to vacate it by the 15th because it is being torn down and renovated.   I was planning to use the speaking fees from two recent events totaling $2500 to help pay for that move, first month’s rent in new spot and whatever is owed to my current landlords.

Both checks have been held up for different reasons after I did my part to do the work to earn that money. I have my state rep looking into one of them, and once that has been exhausted, will take it to my congressmember if I don’t get a successful resolution with this.

However, that means the money I was expecting and based my plans on is NOT in my hands right now when I need it, and it is causing me unwanted stress and negative ripple effects in my life.

While I have my political reps dealing with that, the clock is ticking on me having to vacate this place, and I need to raise at least the $2500 that’s tied up right now until it’s resolved.

Y’all know how much I’d rather try to solve my own problems before asking for help for myself, but I don’t have any other option at this point.

I have a PayPal button in the upper left hand corner of the blog marked TransGriot Tip Jar, and whatever you can spare is deeply appreciated.

If you can, thank you.

TransGriot Note:  Looking at four to six weeks before I have a  possible resolution for one of the checks..

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