Miss Me With That ‘ISIL KIlls Gays’ BS, Trump Surrogates

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Was laughing my behind off when I was sent this link to a story by my Dallas homie Rafael McDonnell featuring this kneegrow Trump surrogate Brunell Donald-Kyei flapping her loud and wrong gums on FOX Noise.

She ranted about ISIL killing gay people and claiming a vote for Clinton is aiding and abetting the killing of international LGBTQ people

Girlfriend, have several seats at your nearest Chicago gay bar and miss me with that crap, okay?..

And here is a white lesbian with Trump Derangement Syndrome spouting another variation of the same talking point.

Yeah, right.   Miss me with that ‘ISIL Kills Gays’ BS when you have people supporting Trump who would like to not only replicate what ISIL is doing here in the USA, but start by rolling back our human rights as demonstrated by North Carolina’s unjust HB 2 law, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick foolishly wishing to do the same here in Texas, attacking trans children, and the just passed Trans Rights Law being placed on the ballot in Massachusetts for a 2018 referendum.

Yes, LGBTQ rights are an international human rights issue. While it’s important and necessary for those of us here in the United States to be concerned about what’s happening with our trans, bi and SGL siblings around the planet, TBLGQ rights aren’t secure yet here at home.

And my unapologetic Black trans self will be voting for candidates who do take my human rights and my humanity seriously.

And the Trump campaign is chock full of longtime gay baiting haters who would love to if he’s elected, gleefully roll them back, and a vice presidential candidate in Steve Pence who has led the charge to do so in Indiana

So miss me with that ISIL Kills Gays crap when you or or party has not concerned in the least about the 23 (and counting) Black trans women who have been murdered this year.

Spare me that ‘ISIL Kills Gays’ crap when I haven’t heard one syllable out of a Republican complaining about the anti-gay and anti-trans planks in their 2016 party platform.

Speare me that ‘ISIL Kills Gays’ crap when I hear nothing but cricket chirping silence when members of the Republican Party make transphobic and homophobic statements

Spare me that ISIL Kill Gays’ crap when you are sending missionaries and people like Scott Lively abroad to spread transphobia and homophobia around the planet.

Spare me that ‘ISIL KIlls Gays’ crap when mnay white fundamentalists sound just like ISIL in their hate filled rants in right wing media.

And spare me the ‘ISIL Kills Gays’ crap when you conservatives are gleefully doing everything possible to oppress American GLBTQ people from the legislatures to the state and federal judiciary

 Y’all may think we’re as stupid as your low information voting bloc, but we’ve been paying attention to your deeds and your transphobic and homophobic words.

And that’s why I and other reality based TBLGQ Americans will overwhelmingly be voting for Clinton and everyone with a ‘D’ behind their names  during early voting in our reprstive states and on November 8.

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