Miss Me With That ‘Black Men Are Killing Us ‘ Line In Black Trans World

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One of the problematic lines I have been seeing on The Net lately is this comment that is percolating in Black Trans Feminine World that Black men are killing us and white men are nicer to Black trans women.

Both statements are problematic even before you start breaking them down and discussing the issues that led to them being said.

Yes it’s definitely true that in recent years, the majority of Black trans women who have died due to anti-trans violence have done so because of Black males perpetrating the hate crimes against us.

The reality is that when crimes are committed, they are far more likely to be intraracial, not interracial   So yeah, you can bet that if a white trans woman is murdered, the odds are that the perpetrator will probably be a white male.   If that trans woman happens to be a Latina, the odds are that if she’s killed, the perp will probably be Latino.

But make no mistake about it, white men have killed trans women of all ethnic backgrounds and gotten a slap on the wrist for it in more than a few cases.  If you think I’m kidding about that, Google William Palmer’s name, the killer of Chanelle Pickett .

But the comment I’m hearing far too often in Black Transfeminine World that white men are ‘nicer to us’ because they open their wallets or are willing to be in open long term relationships with us is glaringly problematic in the face of the undeniable evidence that our legislative oppressors are overwhelmingly white men

Image resultThey don’t have to get in your face to kill you when they can stir up anti-trans animus on their conservative talk radio shows, from their megachurch pulpits and legislate anti-trans hatred that will embolden some angry waste of DNA to actually do the deed.  

And yeah, let’s not dismiss the fact there are Black trans attracted men who are willing to take you home to their families and friends, proudly state that you are their girlfriend and treat you as the Nubian queen you are.  .

That line is also disrespectful to the Black trans men who are willing to date you as well..

So chill with that BS, okay?

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