Michelle Wolf’s 2018 WHCD Speech

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The Conservative Noise Machine and elements of the media are outraged about Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents Dinner remarks.

Where was the lie in anything she said Saturday night?  It’s hilarious to me that people up to and including Dolt 45 are demanding she ‘apologize’ for her remarks.

Example 1: “You guys are obsessed with Trump. Did you used to date him? Because you pretend like you hate him, but I think you love him. I think what no one in this room wants to admit is that Trump has helped all of you. He couldn’t sell steaks or vodka or water or college or ties or Eric, but he has helped you. He’s helped you sell your papers and your books and your TV. You helped create this monster, and now you’re profiting off of him. And if you’re gonna profit off of Trump, you should at least give him some money because he doesn’t have any.”

Hey, your job as part of the Fourth Estate is to tell the truth, seek it out and speak it to power. 
The truth is media, you failed us in 2016 and still are by not pushing back hard enough against this misadministration or the crap that Republicans are doing to this country.

If a mere GLAAD Media Award winning blogger can see this, why can’t you?

Michelle Wolf basically said what a lot of thinking Americans have been saying to each other, and the media, because they have been disconnected from what many people have been saying, is going apoplectic about being called out on their crap by Wolf at the so called  ‘Nerd Prom’.

She is a patriot who needs to be congratulated, not reviled

Well, you can judge for yourself whether Michelle Wolf’s routine was ‘controversial’ .

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