Merry Christmas Family

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Merry Christmas TransGriot Readers!

Merry Christmas to all my family, cis, trans  blood and chosen family.  As I like to remind everyone, you family expands,not contracts after a transition.  Your life also gets better once you are able to live in your truth.

And yes, I’m in a wonderful mood because my Texans beat th Bengals last night to capture another AFC South title and an NFL  playoff spot

While the end of 2016 is sucking royally, on balance it was an amazing year for me, I got to spend quality time with some of the peeps I love and care about, go back to Louisville for a week, and be honored with awards from GLAAD, the Houston GLBT Caucus and Harvard’s Phillip Brooks House Association.

I got to go to the White House and spend quality time with Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Jazz Jennings and Angelica Ross just for starters   I also got to meet new people and some amazing trans kids    

So yeah I’m counting my 2016 blessings, and hope 2017 leads to even more

As to what I’m going to do today.  looks like it’s going to be a quiet one.   Dee Dee is house sitting for a friend, so I have the place to myself until New Year’s Day.   I probably call a few friends and check on them to see how their holidays are going.

So unless there is some breaking news somewhere or some thought pops up that is commanding me to put it on electronic paper, I’m planning on taking the day off writing wise.

See y’all on the other side of Christmas Day!

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