Meet Our DNC 2016 Black Trans Delegates

Trans people have been part of the DNC convention landscape since 2000, but it wasn’t until 2008 that we African American trans folks got our first out trans delegate in Tennessee’s Marisa Richmond.  She was in the Mile High City for that historic convention that Sen. Barack Obama was nominated at, and eventually won the presidency while carrying our party’s label a few months later.

In 2012 Richmond was joined in Charlotte by another person used to making history.   Trailblazing trans leader Kylar Broadus of Missouri became our first out Black trans masculine delegate.

This year in Philadelphia we have a record contingent of 27 trans people in the Wells Fargo Center house and attending the various events and panels  Marisa Richmond is attending her third consecutive DNC convention, but this time she is making history again by serving as the DNC convention’s official timekeeper.

But fear not dear readers.  Just as in 2012, the #DNCinPhilly event will have Black trans masculine and Black trans feminine delegate representation in the house for the second consecutive event as part of this record trans DNC contingent thanks to Pennsylvania homegirl Sharron Cooks and Merrick Moses of Maryland.

Both Cooks and Moses will be attending their first DNC convention, and both of our trans siblings are excited to be at another historic Democratic convention as we nominate Sec. Hillary Clinton for president.

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the democratic electoral political process. I am so excited and thrilled to be a first time delegate for Pennsylvania Congressional District 1 especially since Philadelphia is the DNC host city,” Cooks said.

She’s also proud to be representing the Black trans feminine community here at #DNCinPhilly, and is cognizant of the importance of being here.

“This experience is so humbling, educational and is an amazing opportunity to network with lobbyists and legislators, which I believe is very valuable, because as a community organizer, advocate and activist; it helps when it comes to securing the rights and protections for the LGBTQ community,” she added.

Merrick Moses echoed Cooks’ excitement about being at his first convention/  He felt honored to be there in Philadelphia and part of the record trans DNC contingent and the Maryland delegation.. 
He’s proud of representing the Black trans community and the state of Maryland. He also been pleased about the diversity being showcased to America an the world at this #DNCinPhilly event.

“We have a large number of LGBT delegates, and I am so happy the party has been intentional about showing our diversity.” he said.

“It’s been interesting, I’m loving the experience and hope that more Black trans folks join us in 2020.”

Well, I’m working on it.

Both Cooks and Moses have also expressed interest in wanting to meet each other, exchange information and take photos with each other before the convention closes Thursday

Thanks to you and Sharron for repping our community in Philadelphia and making a little Black trans history while doing so.

Thanks to both of you for not only being witnesses to American history being made at this DNC convention, but actually playing a part in making it happen on behalf of the people you’re  representing  in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

TransGriot Update: Sharron and Merrick finally met on Wednesday …

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