Mayor Parker’s Response To POTUS Declaration

The president’s big announcement also had major ripple effects in my beloved hometown since we not only have one of the oldest GLBT political orgs in the South, but Houston has one Annise D. Parker as its current mayor.

Ahem.  May I remind you peeps that reside along I-5, I-95 and inside I-495 that Houston is the largest city to have elected an openly gay mayor and Annise and First Lady Kathy Hubbard happen to be one of the couples the POTUS talked about   

Mayor Parker also has raised the ire of our local faith based bigots for being the now two term mayor of Houston, which may I remind you peeps is the fourth largest city in the nation and the largest in Texas.   

She was also one of the peeps who was criticizing the pace of his same gender marriage evolution and was surprised to receive a call by senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett in the wake of the evolution announcement..

Of  course she got asked about her reaction to the POTUS’ interview by one of our local TV stations because she’s part of the Mayor’s Marriage Equality Initiative..

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