Mayor Parker Gets A Second Term!

It was close, but all you need to do to win a political campaign is get more than 50% of the votes cast in that election, and that’s exactly what Houston Mayor Annise Parker did.

She had five minor opponents in this race and used some of that campaign war chest she’d built up.  

Mayor Parker spent $2.3 million to help ensure she got her message out there what she was doing for a city struggling with a tough economy.   She also reminded Houston citizens she was dealing with a $100 million budget shortfall when she took over at City Hall.

Mayor Parker had to lay off more than 750 city workers, consolidate departments,
raise some fees and cut some deals to put off some of the city’s bills until
better times to do it. but the best part is she also managed to do so without raising taxes or laying off any
firefighters or police officers.

And oh yeah, did I mention our resident wingnuts, conservafools, Reichers and hate preachers who tried their usual last minute gay baiting dirty political tricks but failed?. 

It’s now the eighth straight citywide elections she’s won since capturing an at large city council seat in 1997.


She’ll get another two years before she faces the electorate one more time in 2013.   If she’s successful, that will be her third and final term before she has to give up the mayor’s chair due to term limits (which I fracking hate) on December 31, 2015.

But I’m very happy to know that when January 1, 2012 comes around she’ll still be my hometown’s mayor.

Congrats Mayor Parker!.

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