Matt Bevin Dipping Into The GOP Transphobic Playbook

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Matt Bevin (R) is polling at historic lows for a Kentucky governor, and is trailing Kentucky Democratic AG Andy Beshear in the governor’s race that will be decided in a few weeks.

So what does the GOP do when they have no governmental accomplishments to run on and their candidate is majorly unpopular? 

Deploy the transphobia.

The SuperPAC campaign Fore American Principles deployed the ad aimed at Beshear which features a male actor running a race against female athletes.

Bevin’s campaign predictably had no comment about the transphobic ad, but Chris Hartman, the ED of the Kentucky Fairness Campaign definitely did. 

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“‘Ads like this coming out of Washington DC think tanks, that have no grounding in reality, are the types of things that ruin our elections,” said Hartman.  

“I hope, I believe that the people of Kentucky will prove that this type of political fear-mongering out of Washington DC, just doesn’t work here, back home, where we deal with things on a local level,” Hartman added.

The Beshear campaign issued a statement that also tore Bevin a new anus over the transphobic ad. 

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“This is a shameful and false attack from a shady group that will lead to bullying of our kids. Andy opposes discrimination. Matt Bevin is an unhinged failure who is hurting our students by seeking to tear down public education. He even blamed teachers, without evidence, for the sexual abuse of children.”

Is November 5 here yet so my Kentucky peeps can fire Matt Bevin? 

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