Marisa Richmond Named Official 2016 DNC Convention Timekeeper


This #DNCinPhilly convention is tuning out to be even more historic for trans kind than I anticipated.  In addition to having a record 27 trans delegates attending the event and the American trans community eagerly awaiting Sarah McBride’s Thursday podium speech, there’s more news cementing this Philadephia DNC convention as one of the most trans friendly events in American political history.

Longtime Nashville based trans advocate Marisa Richmond has been active in Democratic Party politics for years and has been a delegate to several DNC conventions including the 2008 one in which she witnessed history in then Sen. Barack Obama’s historic nomination.

She’ll have a lot closer seats than she did in 2008 to witness another historic nomination this time, like on the convention stage.

She was tapped to become the official timekeeper for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. This makes Richmond possibly the first out trans person to be named as a major party convention podium official, which is also a big deal.

Marisa’s task as the convention’s official timekeeper is to keep all the speakers on schedule and within their allotted time limits.  Through her roles with Trans United For Hillary and the Democratic Party’s  LGBT advisory board she was contacted and subsequently offered the position.

“It’s a personal honor and privilege to be up there on the stage,” said Richmond in an interview with The Tennessean.  “I’ll be just a few feet away from all of the speakers all four nights.  it’s literally one of the best seats there.”

Marisa Richmond at DNC with arrow.jpg“It shows that this is easily the most trans friendly convention ever, ” she said.  “It shows that this party has really made progress in terms of inclusion and diversity.”

Speaking of seats, if you’re looking for her, during the television telecasts, where the arrow is in the photo by Mara Keisling is where Marisa will be sitting and doing her timekeeping duties during the convention.

The Tennessee Democratic Party was also pleased about Richmond being chosen as the 2016 DNC convention timekeeper, and Tennessee State Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini said she was thrilled by her selection.

Mancini noted that Richmond, the former chair of the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition, has been one of the strongest LGBTQ advocates in Tennessee and across the country for many years.”

And yes, I’ll definitely cosign that sentiment.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her trailblazing self since the late 90’s, and I’m proud of her for getting this amazing honor.

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