Manitoba Human Rights Code Expanding To Cover Trans People

More progress for our Canadian trans peeps. 

Trans people living in the province of Manitoba got some wonderful news yesterday from Justice Minister Andrew Swan.  The province’s human rights code will be changed so transgender
Manitobans and those with a “disadvantaged social status” will be
protected from discrimination.

Manitoba’s human rights code already forbids discrimination on the
basis of gender, sexual orientation, marital status and other factors and will bring Manitoba’s code up to speed with what exists in other
provinces such as Quebec.  

The changes were requested by the province’s Human Rights Commission,
the body that hears complaints of discrimination and a legislative amendment was introduced by Swan yesterday to initiate the process.

In addition to adding protections for trans residents and the poor people of Manitoba, also includes revisions on how the commission does its work.  The proposed changes allow for joint Manitoba Human Rights
Commission proceedings on similar complaints, allowing the commission
to sit in smaller panels and expanding
mediation provisions.

Swan said the changes will protect people who have a social
disadvantage, or are perceived to be undereducated, underemployed,
homeless or living in inadequate housing, from being discriminated

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