Love Your Trans Friends

Saw this trans themed Keep Calm poster and it inspired me to write this commentary about it.

Love your transgender friends because in some cases, you may be the only person in their lives who loves them unconditionally.

And how important is that unconditional love?    In a world in which we turn on the TV, our smartphones or our laptops and hear the leader of one major world religion compare us to nuclear weapons, an almost weekly report of another transperson being killed somewhere on the planet, others claiming we’re confused, politicians gleefully oppressing us, and having every jerk with a Facebook or Twitter account spouting their loud and wrong scientifically deficient opinions about us, nice to know that someone cares about us and wants us in their lives

So yeah, it ain’t easy being trans, especially at a time in which when we are on the cusp of a human rights breakthrough and our legions of haters know it.  

Some of us are so deeply wounded by all the negative stuff that has happened to us we will find it hard to accept that unconditional love at first.   But keep holding those arms out to embrace and envelope us in that unconditional love anyway.   Sooner or later we’ll drop our guard and make the cautious moves to accept it.

Having people in our lives cis and trans who unconditionally love us is vitally important, and those of us who know the value of those friendships are deeply appreciative and thankful to have them.

And if you take the opportunity to love your trans friends, you’ll be pleased to discover that it’s a mutually beneficial experience.

Keep calm, and love your transgender friends.  Moni definitely approves this message.

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