Love ABC’s ‘Scandal’

Y’all know how much I love actress Kerry Washington, and when I found out she was going to be starring in ABC’s show Scandal, I made sure I was parked in front of the television at 9 PM for its Thursday night debut show.

wasn’t disappointed.  Washington plays Olivia C. Pope, the most
powerful woman in Washington DC you’d never heard of.  The show also has
as part of its cast Columbus Short of Stomp The Yard fame, who plays Harrison, one of the ‘gladiators’ working at Pope and Associates.

character is a former White House staffer who is now working for
herself.  Her specialty is fixing problems before they blow up into
damaging scandals that threaten political careers or result in serious
negative consequences for her clients

But she also has
a big secret of her own and a client she is representing with another
secret that combined could take down a presidential administration.

Scandal has become Must See TV for me, especially since the show is also produced by Shonda Rhimes, who also produces Grey’s Anatomy.
   It’s also unique to see a powerful, smart and sexy African-American
female character in a drama and I definitely want to see this show hang
around for more than just one season.

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