Lordy, Lordy, Nikki’s 40!

Time for another TransGriot birthday shoutout. 

I didn’t meet her until the summer of 2010, but our multiple conversations since then have revealed our paths crossed in the 90’s at a long gone TBLG club called Studio 13.

She’s been fighting a pitched legal battle since 2010 to restore her marriage rights, and is the reason the odious Littleton v Prange is dead.  

And yeah, she and her best friend Meagan are pretty cool women to hang around that never fail to put a smile on my face when I need it.

She’s also married to a wonderful guy and talented artist who loves her to death.

I’m talking about the fabulous Nikki Araguz Loyd, who is celebrating her milestone 40th birthday today.   She’s had an interesting novel worthy life up to this point, and while she had a few bumps, bruises and challenging moments along the way, never doubt her ability to turn a lemon situation into lemonade and look fabulous while doing so..

Happy milestone birthday Nikki!   Hope you have a birthday that is a fabulous as you are, and you are blessed to celebrate many more of them.

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