Liberals – Y’all Need To Be Scarfing Up Girl Scout Cookies This Year

The conservafoolshave had their their hate on for the Girl Scouts since 2005 and are now taking it to unprecedented levels.  They have gone on their propaganda organ Fox to spread thir vitriol against them and have even threatened to boycott their annual cookie drive.

As I have implored people to do, since they have had our backs, the trans community’s back and resisted the right wing idiocy, it’s time for us liberal progressive peeps in 2012 to show them some love and have their backs when their annual Girl Scout Cookie drive starts.

If you think Moni’s sellin’ you woof tickets on that conservahate of the Girl Scouts, here’s the scoop from Media Matters. 

To any Girl Scouts or their troop leaders reading this blog, I like shortbreads and Thin Mints and I’m looking to triple my order this year.  So e-mail a Girl Scout cookie loving sister and let me know where y’all gonna be selling them this year..

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