Liberal Red Tide In 2015 Canadian Federal Election

Got to my P-town digs at Dyer’s Barn from the Debutante Balls performance last night of Scott Turner Schofield to discover that the Liberals did complete that historic comeback from being nearly wiped out as a majority party by the Conservatives in 2011 to getting a majority government .

In the longest campaign in modern Canadian history at 78 days (we wish ours in the US were that short) the Liberals went from having 36 seats after the 2011 federal election to winning an astounding 184 seats and being able to form a majority government.   The red tide that swept the country was so complete they even won four seats in Alberta.

After nine years of running thangs in the Great White North, Stephen Harper will no longer be Prime Minister of Canada or the Conservative Party leader because they lost 60 seats

Hallelujah!   But he will still be one of 99 Conservative Party MP’s representing the Calgary Heritage riding.  Green Party leader Elizabeth May held on to her Saanich-Gulf Islands riding.

Taking over on November 4 will be Justin Trudeau as the man leading our northern neighbors and the Canadians in attendance here at Fantasia Fair I have had the opportunity to talk to about it definitely approve.

In addition to all the historic firsts in this election, Prime Minister designate Trudeau will n ot only become the second youngest Canadian Prime Minister at 43, but also become the first child of a prime minister to also be elected to office.

So as I got to flip on the cable and check out the coverage of the election and Trudeau’s speech, it was a red tide that began in Atlantic Canada as the Liberals swept all 32 ridings available in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

But one of the Atlantic Canada casualties was a Halifax riding that was represented by a friend of the Canadian trans community in NDP deputy leader and MP Megan Leslie.  That Liberal red tide also broke up the NDP’s Fortress Quebec as they gained seats at the expense of the NDP, and the Bloc Quebecois also claimed 10 ridings

Another NDP friend of the community also lost in Olivia Chow as her Toronto area riding was one 80 in Ontario that went to the Liberals as took seats away in the GTA from the Conservatives and NDP.

The good news for our Canadian trans friends besides the Conservatives being defeated was that NDP MP Randall Garrison, who sponsored C-279 the Trans Rights Bill that got killed by the unelected and Conservative dominated Senate, was elected in the redrawn riding of Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke.  

But the NDP on this disastrous night for them went from being the Official Opposition to third party status as they lost 51 seats to be at for them a frustrating 44 seats when the new parliament is seated in an election that they felt going in on August 2 was winnable, along with a possible NDP led minority government.

But it was a historic night for the Liberals, and a joyous for Canadians fed up with the direction that the Conservatives and PM Stephen Harper were taking their country.


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