Leaving On A Jet Plane-To Denver

Chilling at Hobby Airport for the first time this year waiting for my plane that will take me to Denver and Creating Change 2015.

And looking like the wishes of the local CC15 organizing committee are going to come true because the weather in Denverfor the event is going to be great for it.

It’s a business trip, because I will spend much of tomorrow in a facilitated TPOCC meeting, then I will be participating in two panels during the second annual NBJC The Black Institute.

After that?   Well, unlike last year, I’m not part of the Creating Change Host Committee busting my behind to help ensure my part of it runs smoothly while juggling four panel discussion around that.

I get to see my friends in the movement,  see some seminars, and see if the Denver folks back up all that smack they let their loose lips utter during CC14.

Hopefully I’ll get to see some of my friends in the Denver area, my Denver trans family and hit a  TBLG friendly local baker under attack by the faith based haters for some cupcakes before I head home.

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