Leaving On A Jet Plane- To Boston Again

Image result for Boston University GSU building

Your long time TransGriot readers are probably looking at this post and are wondering, weren’t you just in Boston a few months ago?  

I sure was, to pick up that Robert Coles Call of Service Award back in October,

New year, new month and new event that brings me not only back to Boston but on a different Boston collegiate campus.   This time I’ll be on the Boston University campus fora human rights conference that will take place tomorrow at the George Sherman Union Building Ballroom.

So that means I need to be rolling from Texas in a few hours in order to be in Beantown for it and not miss the panel discussion I’m participating in and Bishop Yvette Flunder’s morning keynote.    

But before all that happens. definitely need to be getting my beauty sleep for the travel day that’s about to start in a few hours.

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