Leaving On A Jet Plane- Back To Philly Again

It’s been 14 months since I last took a flight which had Philadelphia as its final destination, but once again I’m piling up the frequent flyer miles as I head to the City of Brotherly Love for the 13th annual Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

It’s my first ever one, and I’m deliriously happy to finally be attending one after so many near misses and last minute obstacles that canceled previous planned PTHC sojourns.

I’ll be on Delta this time flying through the ATL up and back, and this time instead of those cursed regional jets the last time I flew on DL from Hobby to the ATL, this time I’ll be on a Boeing 717 on the HOU-ATL legs of the flight.

Thank you Our Lady of Blessed Airplane Legroom.

Assuming things stay on schedule, I’m scheduled to arrive in Philly at 4 PM EDT and might be able to attend the PTHC  pre-conference event

If you wish to keep up with everything that happening at PTHC on Twitter, check out the hashtag #TransHealth2014

See y’all in a few hours.



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