Laverne Cox Starring In The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ On FOX October 20

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I’ve attended a few showings of the cult film classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, including a memorable Halloween one not long after I moved to Louisville in September 2001.

Usually when I hear about people talking about remaking classic films, I’m of dual minds about it leaning more toward the ‘leave it alone’ camp.   I have seen remakes in which they have done a great job in remixing the original story like the Samuel L Jackson Shaft, and  sometimes they do a /WTF were you thinking?’ job and completely screw up a classic.

So while I’m waiting for Laverne Cox to show up on my TV screen in the CBS legal drama Doubt, just in time for Halloween I and America will get the chance to see Laverne in the role of Dr Frank-n-Furter in the Rocky Horror remake being broadcast on FOX October 20.

In addition to Laverne, Tim Curry will also be in this Kenny Ortega production as the narrator.  This Rocky Horror remake also stars Victoria Justice, Ryan McCartan, Adam Lambert, Christina Milian, and Ben Vereen.

The reviews of the trailer so far have been good, and I’m looking forward to checking it out, since I’m not only supporting my homegirl, I’ll definitely need something to watch on TV besides the Trump-Pence ticket lying all the way to Election Day.

 The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Lets Do The Time Warp Again will be broadcast on FOX .

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