Later Baltimore, Headed Back To H-town!

As with any event that is a yearly one, you wait 365 days (366 days this year)  for it to happen, it arrives, you enjoy being in the same space and time zone with people that you know, love and admire, say your goodbyes when its conclusion day comes, and go home to start the countdown cycle until next year.

It’s been a wonderful two days up here in Baltimore chilling near the Inner Harbor and hanging out with my friends and colleagues in the LGBT media world old and new, getting my crabcake during brunch at Gertrude’s.   But as always, the bittersweet time to say goodbye to everyone has come.   It’s now time to check out of the hotel and head back to my H-town life.

I enjoyed getting my learn on during the sessions yesterday, enjoying the panelists dropping knowledge, and honing my journalistic skills at #LGBTMedia16 so I can continue evolving to become a better journalist than when I arrived here Friday afternoon.

But Hobby Airport and Pappas Barbecue awaits.  And I do have a nonstop on the return leg home.

Hopefully the flight home won’t be as bumpy as the one coming up here to Charm City.

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