Kwamalicious Loves Her Some TransGriot

Even though I get about 3000 hits per day on TransGriot from people around the world, the ones that mean the most to me are from my young African descended transsisters (and African descended transbrothers) from across the Diaspora who tell me how much they are inspired by something that I or my guest posters have written.  

It was one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place back in 2006.  I wanted to be an inspiration to young African-American transwomen, let them know we have a proud history and people who represent us well.  

I also wanted them to know that their trans elders like me were proud of them and there are African American cis women who don’t hate their guts but genuinely want to be their sisters.

There are also other transwomen of African descent who also seek to have genuine sisterhood with and form lasting friendships with other forward thinking African-American transwomen or all ages.    

I also wanted them to know that transition is not only serious business, but that we need to aspire to be better representations of Black trans womanhood, be proud of being Black transwomen and write a different narrative in the 2K10’s and beyond of what it’s all about.

And I wanted to role model it.  

Got an e-mail today from my fellow blogger Gina of Skip The Makeupblogging fame pointing me to a young African American collegiate transsister who talks about her life transitioning on the Trinity University campus.

I’m presuming it’s the TU campus in San Antonio, where I spent some time on an interesting collegiate road trip in the spring of 1981 I’ll have to tell y’all about on a slow news day.

But back to my transsister.   She’s a senior art major with a sociology minor and turns out she loves her some TransGriot.  She critiqued a few of my posts at her KwamaliciousYouTube channel.

And yes Kay, looking forward to meeting you in realtime and having some serious conversations with you. 

Feel free to hit me up on Facebook..

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