Kneegrow TERF’s, You’re Getting Called Out If You Step To Me

The TERF’s have been colluding with Republican politicians and the conservafool movement to take their disco era hatred of trans women to another level.   We saw that in Texas during the SB 6 senate hearing in March when a white TERF was called as a ‘expert’ witness to testify in FAVOR of passing that unjust bill.  

One of the other tactics the TERF’s overwhelmingly white ranks have borrowed is to get kneegrow sellouts to regurgitate the same TERF toro poo poo they have been spouting since 1972 in order to deflect from the fact the TERF ranks are overwhelmingly comprised of racist white women.

What is driving this post is that last night I was part of a discussion in which a Black female professor wanted to learn more about the trans community, and started a thread on her Facebook page to facilitate an informative conversation

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As you probably guessed, right on cue, a TERF popped up in the middle of this thread.   She made the mistake of not checking Google before she stepped to me, and I went Wakandan on her azz.

But hear me on these salient points.  No trans feminine person, myself included is saying we are EXACTLY the same as a cis woman. We have no problem acknowledging there are some differences.

But we do have far more in common than we do differences, and that point needs to be acknowledged as well.   Trans women face sexism and misogyny. Trans women (and trans men) get sexually assaulted.  And as more trans feminine kids grow up as the girls and women they are, that commonality will become even more pronounced. 

Image result for Serena WilliamBlack trans women face the same anti-Blackness fueled attacks on our femininity as Black cis women do multiplied by anti-trans hatred.  We Black trans women have to fight tooth and nail to have healthy self esteem and pride in ourselves in a world that’s hostile to just just like our cis counterparts.  

And oh yeah, have you noticed that every successful Black woman over 5’7″ or who doesn’t perform femininity in an approved way gets ‘that’s a man’ gender policing shade thrown at them? 

Serena Williams ring a bell for you?  Former First Lady Michelle Obama?  

What we trans women have a serious problem with is cis women who repeatedly deny, despite all the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that trans women exist, we didn’t just pop up in the second half of the 20th century, and trans women are women.

Our existence, our humanity and our human rights arenot up for debate or discussion by anyone, especially TERF’s.

What part of that statement do you not understand or are willfully ignoring?

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We have a serious problem with TERF’s who eagerly work in many cases to demonize and attack us, attack trans kids and their parents, and gleefully work with Republican legislators and conservative anti-LGBTQ groups to roll back our human rights..

And yes, Black trans women have a serious problem with the overt and covert racism in TERF ranks.   
Janice Raymond was responsible back in 1981 for getting Medicare and Medicaid to stop paying for SRS, with insurance companies following suit with their trans exclusionary procedures bans three years later. How many low income trans people did that hateful action affect?

TERF’s have been hating on trans women to a disco beat since 1972. Are you TERF’s mad because unlike the early 70’s, you can no longer just spew your anti-trans garbage without instant and immediate pushback from trans people and our allies? 

Yeah, y’all mad.

News flash to you TERF ignorati.  We in TransWorld are beyond sick and tired of your anti-trans hatred.

I’m damned sure not going to tolerate the same five decade old anti-trans lies told by white TERF’s coming out of the mouths of misguided Black cis women. 

That will be the case whether your name is Chimamanda Adichie, Stacy Patton or some random kneegroid TERF hiding behind a pseudonym making anti-trans comments on Facebook and elsewhere on social media while speciously claiming they are her ‘opinion’.You wannabe kneegrow TERF’s have been warned. Your facts free faux faith-based ‘opinions’ and you will get called out with the quickness.  You step to me with TERF bull feces, I will gleefully call it and your Oreo cookie flavored behind out. 

Sochoose wisely this day which path you will follow and who you will align yourselves with..  

Will you go down the enlightened path of building sisterhood with Black trans women so that together we cantackle and solve the issues that ail all Black women and byextension Black America?  

Or will you allow your hatred, anger and unfounded fear of trans women lead you down the dark path of TERFism and pariah status with the Black community for colluding with the same GOP racists that oppress our people?

The Black trans community and your cis sisters who get it that trans women are women are awaiting your answer.

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