Kentucky Senate Votes 27-9 To Oppress Trans People

Kentucky Senate chamber.jpgAs expected, the GOP controlled Kentucky Senate did the bidding of the Kentucky Family Foundation and passed the unjust SB 76 bill by a 27-9 vote.

The bill originally failed to advance out of the Senate Education Committee last Thursday, but was stealthily brought back up on Monday in a surprise meeting and voted out by an 8-1 margin.

The unjust bill then went before the full Kentucky Senate with three Republican senators Jared Carpenter of Berea, John Schickel of
Union and Julie Raque Adams of Louisville being drum majors and a drum majorette for justice and voting against the bill.

Six  Democrats, Julian Carroll of Frankfort, Perry Clark of
Louisville, Denise Harper Angel of Louisville, Morgan McGarvey of
Louisville, Gerald Neal of Louisville and Reginald Thomas of Lexington also voted against the bill.

So Kentucky trans peeps, these are the Senate peeps you thank for standing up for your human rights.

Coat of arms or logoChris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign, said in a statement the “Bathroom Bully Bill” as they call SB 76, lacks legal muster and will increase
bullying in schools.

“What an embarrassment the Kentucky Senate has made of our commonwealth,” Hartman said

But I need to remind you TransGriot readers the Kentucky General Assembly has split legislative control, with the Democrats holding the Kentucky House (thank God) by a 54-46 margin.

And with only ten days left in this legislative session, House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, indicated that the unjust measure won’t win House approval.

“The Democratic-led House can better spend the remainder of the legislative session working on other bills,” Stumbo said.

Translation:  SB 76 is about to get parked in a House Committee where it won’t see the light of day, much less the House floor.   And in case you’re wondering Kentucky’s governor is Steve Beshear (D)

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But I don’t think my trans friends and our allies back in the Bluegrass State will exhale until the 2015 session is over.

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