Just Say Yo To Girl Scout Cookies!

One of the things that has really pissed me off about the Forces of Right Wing Intolerance  is their ongoing attacks on Girl Scouts because they are TBLG inclusive.

As you know, the conservafools never let facts get in the way of their outrage machine.  The conservahaters have been recently pimping the lie that GSUSA has been partnering with Planned Parenthood to promote abortions and urging their sheeple to boycott Girl Scout cookies when they go on sale.

Funny to note that Girl Scout Cookie sales have been increasing ever since the conservafool movement started this War on the Girl Scouts several years ago.

Good, y’all continue to be that petty and stupid and point that you only care about a fetus, the 1% super billionaires and not living breathing working class humans.  Leaves more cookies for me and the peeps who support GSUSA.

Trans community, time for us to support an organization that supports us.   Consider buying a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year as a delicious way to send a message against ignorance, misogyny, sexism. oppression and intolerance.

Thin mints, anyone?

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