Judge Not, Homophobes

Love this quote by Laverne Cox, and it got me thinking about the on target point that she’s making.

Indeed, how in the hell do you faith-based haters think that Conservagod (what I call your right-wing interpretation of God)  will judge SGL, bi and trans people for who they love, and that same God will not judge you for hating someone you’ll never met?

Yeah, you anti-LGBT peeps that claim you’re Christian sure do violate Mark 12:31 on a regular basis.

What’s Mark 12:31 you ask?   Let’s peruse that scripture together shall we?

And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

No Bible Thumpers Round Stickers

It’s been painfully obvious to everyone in LGBT World and our allies that those of you who this Laverne Cox quote applies to are basically hiding behind the Bible to unleash your inner homophobes and oppress people.

We ain’t having it.   We have long since reached the point in which we are beyond sick and tired of being oppressed by you alleged ‘Christians’

And you faux Christians with your anti-GLBT doctrines give real Christians a bad name.

If you don’t like me calling you faith-based oppressors, haters, Bible thumping bigots, or whatever other creative sobriquet I can think of, then when when you stop acting like oppressors and start living up to the tenets of Christian faith that you claim to follow, them I’ll think about giving you some respect.

Because I don’t have to respect any person that wishes to roll back mine or my community’s human rights.  And it’s your unbridled several decade war on the humanity of LGBT people that causes us to not like your hypocritical behinds either.

So judge not, homophobes, lest ye be not judged.

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