Jeffery Bright #SayHisName


‘Gruesome scene’ were mother shot and killed her 2 children in their home in  Ambridge Pennsylvania but sadly multiple media sources reported the murder incorrectly by identifying the 16 years old Jeffery Bright by his “dead name” knowing that he was transitioning (f to m)

(image of the siblings)

On February 22nd shortly after 1:30pm the life of young Jeffery Bright who was early in  transitioning (f to m) along with his older sister Jasmin Cannady life was taken by Krisinda Ann Bright, 48 who is their mother. 


Sadly when police arrived on the scene both Jeffery and Jasmin were pronounced dead and the scene was said to be gruesome! 

When Ambridge officers arrived at the two-story brick home on Maplewood Avenue, Krisinda was waiting on the front porch covered in dried blood which none was hers.


Patrolman Michael McQuaide wrote that he asked Bright if she was bleeding. She told him the blood was from her children! 

Sadly she confessed that Jeffery begged for his life and she still pulled the trigger even after the gun didn’t fire in her first attempt. You can find more details in the murder from this article


Interim Ambridge Police Chief John DeLuca said the home “was a gruesome scene.” Krisinda Ann Bright is presently being held without bail on two counts of homicide.


Although the murderer of 16 year old Jeffery Bright is in custody it hits differently knowing his murderer was also his mother. Fly with the angels young Jeffery we will #SayYourName

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