Janet Mock Discusses The #GirlsLikeUs Twitter Campaign

Janet Mock recently launched the #GirlsLikeUs Twitter campaign (which I enthusiastically support) and explains why she did so in a recent post on her blog that I will happily signal boost here.

Here’s a little sample of it. 

I found it exhilarating that these young women were naming themselves,
that they were identifying how they wanted and that they exerted
themselves in a world that rarely, if ever made room for them. I found
myself uplifted by the “girls…with something extra” because it wasn’t
coming from a place of want or lack. It didn’t fall prey to the tired,
simplistic, limiting media sound bite of “girl trapped in boy’s body.”
Instead it celebrated who we were as trans women: We have something
extra. You can take that literally or figuratively, which is how I
choose to read it: We are extra, we are more, we are special, we are everything.

Read the rest of what she had to say about it.

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