I’ve Finally Arrived In Philly!

After traveling through the ATL to get here from Houston and ducking a few storm clouds on both flights,the Air Marshalhas finally made it to my hotel and I’m in Philadelphia for my first ever Philly Trans Health Conference. 

Looking forward to seeing all my trans fam I didn’t get to see at Creating Change and getting reunited with the people I did in H-town.   I’m also excited to be able to finally get the opportunity to meet some people for the first time like Jazz, Geena Rocero, L’lerret Ailith, and Koko Jones just to name a few.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is my first ever Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and I’m excited to be here.   So excited I didn’t get much sleep despite taking my behind to bed earlier than normal.   

Loving the fact my hotel is literally right across the street from the Philadelphia Convention Center where all the PTHC fun will be taking place. 

So yes, I will be in reporter mode fo this event in addition to handling my seminar business on Friday.

And remember #TransHealth 2014 is the Twitter hashtag to keep up with everything being tweeted and talked about during the next three days.

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