It’s Spirit Day 2015!

Today is Spirit Day, which has been celebrated since 2010 and is a day in which we take a stand against bullying of TBLG youth.

On the LGBT rainbow flag, the purple stripe on it represents ‘spirit’    On this day individuals, schools, corporations, and public figures wear purple clothing in support of this day and our trans, bisexual, lesbian and gay youth.

We have had far too many of our younglings commit suicide this year, and something must be done to crack down on the bullying that feeds into these LGBT youth suicides.

And to our trans, bisexual, lesbian, gay and questioning youth, know that you are loved by me and all your BTLGQ elders, we want to you dream your dreams, live your lives and be the fabulous adults we know beyond a shadow of a doubt you will become.

So break out the purple clothes today in solidarity with our BTLG young people.for #SpiritDay.

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