It’s Renee’s Birthday!

Another July 11 has arrived and that means my Timmy’s Ice Capp drinking Coach purse loving homegirl has made it through another 365 days (366 in a leap year) to celebrate the day she arrived on this planet north of the 49th parallel. 

It’s Renee of Womanist Musings birthday, and I definitely will not let this auspicious occasion pass without reminding her (especially after that post she wrote on my recently passed milestone birthday) she is another year closer to a milestone birthday of her own (snicker, snicker).

But she also knows I have much love, admiration and respect for her, too.  I hope those testosterone based lifeforms in her house are treating her like the queen she is and taking Renee out for her favorite dinner.  

I also hope the unhusband, Mayhem and Destruction are giving her the peace and quiet and many gifts she deserves on her special day as well.

She has been a wonderful friend to me as well, has given me some sage advice as I continue my evolutionary feminine journey and when I needed them, some long distance motivational kicks in the behind.   

Renee is admired and loved by many of her fellow bloggers in the Afrosphere as well.  I look forward to the day I finally get the opportunity to visit her part of the world and give her the hug she so richly deserves.

It’s your birthday sis.  Enjoy it, and may you have many more.  . 

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