It’s Moni’s Milestone Birthday*

It’s May 4, 2012 on the western side of the International Date Line, that is.  

Five decades ago I was born on this date in an all Black hospital in Houston’s Third Ward.   The city looks a lot different than when I arrived on the planet.  

Overt Jim Crow segregation is over and my hometown is an international city with three times as many people and the innovative skyscrapers to prove it.

And yep, I’m light years different from the body I arrived in on that day.

I thank you peeps on the western side of the International Date Line and you early birdson this side of it  for all the birthday love you’ve been showering me with so far and it’s deeply appreciated.

I consider myself blessed to still be standing tall and six feet above ground to see this day, and I hope I’m blessed with many more.

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