It’s Important To Have Those Trans Community Intergenerational Conversations

One of the things we will definitely need to do this year and beyond is have intergenerational conversations inside and outside the trans community.

While I’m here in Denver during Creating Change, I plan to practice what I’m about to preach to y’all  and when I get back to H-town.

For us trans peeps, it’s past time that we have those sit downs with our elder trans statesmen and stateswomen.

The reason being is a multipronged one.  In addition to actually getting a chance to chat with your trans elders, they also get the opportunity to actively listen to what you have to say.  

Yes I’ve been involved in trans human rights activism for 17 years, but even I can learn some things from you younglings .  You may during a discussion drive home a point that is so profound it may cause me to think about an issue I have opinions on in a different light.

At the same time, it is also my duty as a trans elder to pass down your history to you and all who are willing to listen to what I am passing on to you.

Intergenerational conversations are important two way communications streams that build a movement and most importantly, build community.

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