It’s H-town Inauguration Day!

Because the Houston City Charter mandates that all elective office terms start on January 2, Mayor Sylvester Turner, Controller Chris Brown and all the council members were sworn in during a small ceremony at City Hall Saturday in front of family, friends and supporters.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the city charter, it was also done that way so that the city wouldn’t have to pay overtime for a inauguration event held on what is technically a holiday weekend.

The official inauguration event is taking place in a few hours starting at 9:30 AM at Jones Hall, and this time Mayor Turner, Controller Brown and all our returning and freshman councilmembers get to repeat taking the oath of office with the TV cameras from all our local stations running.

The event is free to the public, with the doors opening at 8:15 AM.  It will be televised and livestreamed for the benefit of everyone who can’t make it to the ceremony.

If you decide not to take METRO to the downtown theater district area, parking will be free in the Theater Center garages.

I know I’m looking forward to seeing history unfold and hearing Mayor Turner’s inaugural address.

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