It’s Early Voting Election Day In Texas

Today is the start of early voting in Texas and the day we begin the process of turning this state blue.

The early voting period runs from today until March 2, and you can go do so at the various designated early voting locations in your various counties until that date. 

If you’re wanting to do your homework to help you cast an informed vote, various political organization, unions, your local newspapers and the League of Women Voters in your locales have voter information guides tailored for your area and region.

In case you’re wondering, TransGriot also does endorsements, and these are the candidates that received the TransGrot clenched fist salute.

You had to be registered by February 5 to be able to participate in the 2018 party primary of your choice.  While it’s too late for you to register to participate in the primary, it’s still not too late for you to register for the general election.

Bring that yellow voter registration card and approved ID to your fave early voting location to handle your business between now and March 2.

Once you choose which party primary you will participate in, you are locked into that choice for the rest of the year/   So if you’re thinking about as a Democrat of meddling in the Republican primary and vice versa. don’t do it.   It will not only prevent you from participating in your party primary runoff elections and in your party’s state conventions later in the year, it can also not give you the result you’re expecting..

After the early voting period closes, you’ll have to go handle your election business on March 6 and at your designated precinct location.

So if you want a better city, county, Texas, and nation, the road to that better government starts today at polling places across Texas.   It also starts with us.

So go handle your 2018 election business.


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