It’s About Our Kids

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I was in a panel discussion last Thursday night and was asked the question what keeps me motivated to keep fighting despite the odds for trans human rights coverage.

My answer to that question?  “It’s all about the trans kids.”

It has alway been my goal to make it better for the trans kids coming behind me, just aa the trans advocates who preceded me had my generation in mind when they fought they oppressors of their day.

I’m paying it forward, because as the song ‘The Greatest Love Of All’ that Whitney Houston so eloquently sang says, the children are our future.   It’s why they are being attacked by our pseudo faith based opposition and why we must just as vigorously defend their humanity and human rights.

It’s our job to plant the human rights trees whose shade we may never get to sit in.  Now if we happen to be around when the trees grow tall enough to produce the shade that will shelter our trans kids when they are our ages from the blazing sun of intolerance, and we get to enjoy the benefits of our labor we’re putting in now, that’s all good as well.

But yes, when we’re talking about the bottom line as to who we are fighting for, it’s all about our trans kids.   .  

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