Italian Actor To Become An Actress

I keep making the point that not only are we ethnically diverse transpeople everywhere on the planet and in every profession, we are part of the diverse mosaic of human life. 

The latest example of this is coming from Italy in the person of 30 year old actor Guiseppe Schisano.

Schisano announced in a recent press conference that he is about to undergo a gender transition and when she comes out on the other side of it will take the feminine name Vittoria.

Schiasano noted during the press conference feeling “a strong feminine side that was hidden for years”.  When he went to the doctor to do his initial baseline blood work to assess hormone levels, there was an interesting surprise. 

“When I went to the doctor to start the hormone therapy that precedes
the operation, the doctor was surprised that I wasn’t already taking the
hormones. My levels showed that my female hormones were higher than my
male ones,” Schisano said.

Not surprising to me.  Had the same issue going on when I did my initial blood work in preparation to begin HRT.

It will be interesting to watch Vittoria’s evolution into her outside body as currently configured matching the person on the inside and wish her the best of luck in her feminine journey..


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