Isis Appears In Trailblazing American Apparel Ad Campaign

This is turning out to be my little sis Isis King’s year so far as well. 

She’s got a role in an upcoming movie called Hello Forever and now she’s making American Apparel’s Legalize Gay clothing line look good.

Hey, I’ll freely admit I’m biased.  But I spoke the truth as well.  She does look good in it.

Just to give you some background on this developing story, clothing giant
American Apparel teamed up with GLAAD to produce a new line of equality tees in time
for LGBT Pride Month.

As part of the launch for this new product line, in a company first, American Apparel is featuring an openly
trans model in its
ad campaign in which GLAAD worked alongside American Apparel in casting for the
new ads that Isis was chosen for.  .

The online and print ads featuring Isis and four current and former GLAAD staff members donning the Pride
shirts will appear across the nation.   In addition 15% of all proceeds from purchased
American Apparel Pride shirts will go to GLAAD to support their work.

American Apparel
employees will also join GLAAD staff in LGBT Pride marches across the
country, including in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.
Participants will each receive
an AA tee, courtesy of American Apparel. Here’s how you can join up in those cities

“We’re super proud to
support LGBT Pride again this year and partner with GLAAD in these
events. It’s time for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or
gender identity, to
accept each other and thrive in harmony. We hope everyone comes out and
joins us,” said Marsha Brady, a creative director for American Apparel.

“American Apparel is
showing bold leadership by being among just a few companies to include
transgender people in its national ads,” said GLAAD President Herndon
Graddick. “Additionally,
the company’s statement that ‘Gay is OK’ will reach millions and send
an important message in support of equality.”

Congrats once again Isis for blazing another trail and doing so as always with class and dignity.  So looking forward to meeting you and giving you that big TransGriot hug when our paths finally do cross.

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