Is This What Propaganda Barbie Meant By ‘Bowling Green Massacre’?

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I’m curious about the latest misstatement lie that Propaganda Barbie, AKA Kellyanne Conway told as she desperately tried to defense the indefensible Muslim ban to her conservasheeple while being interviewed by Chris matthews on the increasingly melanin free MSNBC.

She tried to claim that a terror attack happened in Bowling Green, and it is being met with derisive laughter, a viral Twitter hashtag and sarcastic posts like this one.

Maybe she go it confused and is talking about the sinkhole that developed under the National Corvette Museum floor in Bowling Green. KY in February 2014 that destroyed or damaged eight classic Corvettes.

But then again Propaganda barbie will do anything and say any lie to defend a misadministration that is reviled by a majority of the US population.

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